Community foundations make grants to all of the charitable sectors that help build community vitality. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help bring together different organizations and individuals to share information and ideas about the issues affecting quality of life in our city.

In 2011, we hosted our first Vital Conversation. These community conversations are intended to provide an opportunity for information sharing, create connections between stakeholders and allow for generative brainstorming. We will continue to build on the wealth of knowledge gained at this session by exploring more topics in the future. Many of these topics will focus on issues identified in Mississauga’s Vital Signs. We will share with our community the ideas, insights and challenges we learn at these Forums by posting a session summary in this section of our website.

Many community stakeholders have, or will in the future, participated in a Community Knowledge Forum. We thank them for sharing their knowledge and their time. Participants are demonstrating their commitment to working together to build community vitality.

2021 Vitals Signs Conversation in covid 19 times Phone

Vital Conversations In COVID-19 Times Series:

Session 3 - Responding Today While Reimagining Tomorrow

Session 2 - Key Learning from the Charitable Sector

Session 1 - Regional Grantmakers Discussion

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