It could be said that great cities have much in common. Visionary leadership, diversity of community, safe, well planned neighbourhoods and access to education, health care, recreation and employment can all arguably be important elements in building a great city. For many cities across Canada, an integral partner and another common element in contributing to the health and vitality of a city is a strong, thriving community foundation. Community foundations across Canada are having a significant impact in helping to address emergent needs and providing sustainable funding for the broadest range of charitable programs and services.

The first Community Foundation was established in Canada in 1921. Today, they span the country from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, serving large and small urban centres and rural communities. Their endowment funds are professionally invested in diverse portfolios to ensure they are managed wisely and profitably.

Community Foundations are one of the fastest growing charitable movements across Canada, North America and around the world. There are now in excess of 190 community foundations across Canada managing assets of over $3 billion and making annual grants of more than $160 million to worthwhile community causes.

The idea of creating The Community Foundation of Mississauga originated from a group of concerned Mississauga residents and was broadly supported by City Council. The Steering Committee was formed in October, 2000 and in May 2001, the Community Foundation of Mississauga was incorporated as a not for profit organization and received registered charitable status.

Today, the Community Foundation of Mississauga is managing endowed funds in excess of $20 million and made it's first grants from endowed funds in the spring of 2006. As of 2015, cumulative grants back to the community are more than $7 million.