Mississauga’s Vital Signs 2021

The 2021 Mississauga Vital Signs Report is our fifth report, and by far one of our most compelling.

Today, more than ever, communities need the support of the Community Foundation of Mississauga. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our citizens and the charitable organizations that serve them has been considerable, eroding established social foundations, exacerbating issues and disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable among us. For this reason, we have chosen to focus this Vital Signs report on how COVID has impacted quality of life in Mississauga. We hope it will inform actions that will rebuild and revitalize our community.

Life changed for all of us. On the pages of our report, we tell the story of the impact on youth, who have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, as well as the challenges for those living in lower income settings or those struggling with their mental health. Our report shows how issues of inequities among communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour have been heightened and how income disparities, unemployment and food insecurity have increased. We anticipate the effect of the pandemic will be long lasting on these more vulnerable groups.

Vital Signs has become a mainstay in our community, highlighting local trends that people count on. Our report is here to start conversations, strengthen collaborations, support funding decisions, promote civic engagement, and inform philanthropic investment in our community. We hope that you will gain insights into our community through Mississauga’s Vital Signs 2021, and that will prompt discussions and action on how we can work together for the long-term success of our community. Download your digital copy of the Mississauga’s Vital Signs 2021 to read more about our vital indicators:

  • Physical & Mental Health

  • Environment

  • Income & Labour

  • Food Security

  • Housing

  • Youth

  • Immigration

  • Safety

  • Belonging

2021 Vital Signs Launch Event

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