Community Foundation of Mississauga – Charitable Giving Series

The Community Foundation of Mississauga is committed to building a healthy, dynamic, successful community where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and no one is left behind. We are well known for our robust granting program built on our endowment funds.

Because we know the community, we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by providing expertise and guidance in charitable giving options. We are now launching an education series with you in mind, and over the course of the series, we will cover an array of topics. Throughout this series, we aim to help you to better understand how you can assist your clients as they make their philanthropic plans in support of charities they care deeply about.

Session 3 - Why not make a Will?

If you think you are too busy to take the time to put your estate planning in place, and to make a Will, join our expert panel as we examine the many risks and disadvantages of not making a Will, including the added cost, delay and uncertainty for the family left behind. Hear case studies about things you might not expect, including bonding requirements, who stands to inherit the assets, who can take over the administration of the estate, and what happens to minor children, married and common law partners, and other vulnerable dependents.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear:

Lisa Sticht-Maksymec, Lawyer, Pallett Valo LLP
Gosha G.S. Sekhon, Lawyer, Sekhon Legal Services
Daniela Fonseca, Lawyer, KMB Law

Moderator:Jim Kennedy, Insurance Advisor

Previous Series Presentations:

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Session 2 - Starting the Philanthropic Conversation

Session 1 - Gift Planning in Wills and Tax Considerations