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Does our organization qualify to apply?

Grants may only be made to qualified donees as described by the Income Tax Act. If you are not sure that your organization is a qualified donee, you may visit the Charities section of the Canada Revenue Agency web site at:

Can an organization without Canadian registered charitable status apply for a grant?

There are considerations when an organization that does not have Canadian registered charitable status wishes to apply for a grant. Please review this document for information you need to know and a copy of a form that must accompany the application.   Confirmation of Agreement.

Which funds are currently accepting applications?

Information about which funds are currently accepting applications will be posted under the link for Active Grants. Please visit this page from time to time as additional opportunities may become available.

What is the next deadline for applications?

The deadline for receiving applications for the spring granting cycle is generally the end of March. Please check back on our web site in late February/early March to find the most up to date information on the spring grants cycle. Additional grant opportunities may become available throughout the year. Deadlines for those opportunities will be included in the applications posted under the Active Grants page.

Are late applications accepted?

Generally, late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

When can we expect to hear if our application has been approved?

Grants are generally approved in April. Your organization will be notified if your application has been successful.

How can we apply?

Application forms will be posted on the Active Grants page when the granting cycle commences. You can download the application and send it with the requested attachments by email.

How often can we apply?

Organizations should complete, and if requested, report on any funding before applying again.

Can we send additional information?

Only the information requested in the application will be reviewed. Should additional information about your project or organization be required, we will contact you in a timely manner to request it.

Can I use a Mac computer to complete the forms?

We have found that some Mac users have experienced reformatting of the applications making them difficult to complete. If this does occur, please use a PC to complete the document.

Apply by Email

In the interests of our environment, it is highly preferable that you submit your application and any required attachments by email. Download the application and send it back by email with the requested attachments to [email protected]. Please ensure that you transcribe the email address correctly as we will not receive your application if the email address is incorrect.

What if our organization receives a grant for a particular project and we are unable to proceed with the project?

It's essential in this situation that you let our Grants and Community Initiatives Manager know as soon as possible. We will work with your organization to see what alternatives can be found, but it is possible in certain circumstances that the grant (or a portion of the grant) may need to be returned to the Foundation.

Does the Foundation provide grants to religious organizations?

Registered charitable organizations serving people in Mississauga are eligible to apply for project grants. This may include religious organizations. However, the project proposal submitted cannot be religious in nature. This includes operating costs, facilities and activities that are being used for religious observance or proselytizing. The project being considered must align with the Foundation's funding priorities.

Should we keep records of our applications?

You should keep a copy of all of your organization's applications, reports and other documents associated with your grant(s).


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